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Helena Walking Mall
Window Front Art

Looking for paintings, sculptures, pottery, etc. for public viewing along Downtown Helena's Walking Mall!

arcade 14.jpg

FREE 30-60 day showcase inside the large window display in the Arcade Building (111. N Last Chance Gulch)  along the walking mall in Helena Montana.


This is a LOCKED 360 degree window space along the walking mall entrance of the Arcade Building.   I highly suggest you walk by the space to see it's full potential!  This is a high foot traffic area.

You can fill up the space with your art or share the space with another artist. 

Artist contact information and prices will be displayed for the public. (please provide)

You will receive 80% of your sold items. 

Wall art must be hang-able (i.e. framed with wire along back)

Please be able to provide 5-10 (depending on size) pieces for entire month.

To Apply :  CONTACT ME 

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