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“We are a race of artists. What are we doing about it?”

 Shirley Graham Du Bois

Interested in exploring the world of watercolor for the first time?

Need moral support to pick-up the brush again?

Want to host a fun art gathering in the comfort of your home?

All classes are based on the ease and joy of

playing with water and creating from our natural flow! After all, it's just water! 


Host a group class at your home or business.

You serve food and beverages to your guests & I'll bring the supplies and fun!

NO previous experience or supplies needed. 

You may use your personal brushes and paints for $5 off!

I will provide you advertising to help invite your guest.

Great for a girls night, family gatherings or just because! 

2-4 people $35 each 

5-10 people $30 each 


Personalized 2 hour session focusing on YOUR art journey! 

Do you want to explore new watercolor techniques, push yourself outside the box or simply need some inspiration!

Let's get together! 

Painter must have own brushes and paints. 

I bring additional supplies and tools to assist. 

$80 - 2 hour session

$10 off additional sessions

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